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How to Handle Unauthorized Use of Your Blog Content

If you are putting blog content on the internet, then at some point you will have to decide whether to lock up your content and give it away. Some bloggers protect all their work. They post a copyright notice on… Read the rest

From Astronauts to Van Goghs: Little Known Sources for Public Domain Images

Ryan Hagerty of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services Looking for a photograph of a bull elk? Or a 1890s baseball card? Or a space shot from the Apollo moon launch? Perhaps you have searched Creative Commons images and haven’t found… Read the rest

Creative Commons: A Blogger’s Gold Mine

From under CC license Creative Commons is one of the best innovations to grow out of global interconnectivity. Under copyright law, rights to use copyrighted materials are granted on a one-by-one basis. Traditional copyright law does not provide a… Read the rest