Self Publisher's Legal Handbook - Second Edition - by Helen Sedwick

For years writers have had to navigate the legal issues of self-publishing and blogging without a step-by-step guide. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook is changing that.

The Handbook includes chapters on:

Business set-up. From DBAs to sales taxes to crowd-funding, Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook walks writers through the process of setting up their self-publishing ventures.

Moving from Manuscript to Book. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook compares the options of engaging a self-publishing service company to doing-it-yourself using a print-on-demand provider. It lists which contract provisions are acceptable and which are not. It explains the mechanics of hiring designers, editors, and other freelancers.

Intellectual Property Issues. Copyrights, trademark, fair use, and public domain are explained in practical, useful terms, including how to find copyright holders and ask permission. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook provide tips on licensing images and music for little or no money.

Spotting Scams. Writers are e-blasted by businesses promoting overpriced services, if not outright frauds. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook shows writers how to spot aggressive sales techniques and scams.

The Scary Stuff. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook provides guidance on avoiding the dangers of defamation, invasion of privacy, and infringement.

Since launching the first edition in 2014, I’ve learned more about the questions faced by indie authors. So on June 13, 2017, I released the second edition of Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook. The new edition includes

Writing and publishing a book is a significant investment. Don’t lose that money by hiring the wrong self-publishing service company or getting sued for copyright infringement. Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook will help you safely navigate the legal minefield.

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Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook is absolutely required reading for authors who want to publish their own work…
It should be on every self-publisher’s desk—highly recommended.”
—Joel Friedlander,