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Welcome to the Hotel Author Solutions

UPDATE, OCTOBER 18, 2015:  Today, I checked the websites for IUniverse and AuthorHouse to see whether they had made any changes to their form of publishing agreement. Yes, they have. While their old form gave them the right to continue Read the rest

Joining THE BOOK DESIGNER as a Contributing Writer

Like many writers considering the plunge into self-publishing, I started my research on the internet. Without exaggeration, the best resource I found was, and still is, Joel Friedlandler’s THE BOOK DESIGNER. THE BOOK DESIGNER website covers everything from structuring… Read the rest

What’s the Worst Mistake an Author Can Make?

What is the worst mistake a self-publishing author could make? A bad book cover? No. A poorly edited manuscript? No. A hokey website? No. It’s losing his or her copyright. Your copyrighted work is valuable property, just like your car… Read the rest

How Many ISBNs Does One Writer Need?

More than you realize. An ISBN, short for International Standard Book Number, is a unique identifier for a particular version of a book in a specific format. You will need one for each edition of your book, each format, and… Read the rest

Crowdfunding For Writers — Handle With Care

Producing a well-edited, professionally designed book takes money.  If you don’t have spare change lying around, how do you finance the upfront costs? Many writers are using crowdfunding to raise money for editors and designers as well as production and… Read the rest

Press Release for Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook

EIN, POD, DBA, ISBN, DMCA, and ©? For years, self-publishing writers have had to navigate the alphabet soup of legal issues on their own. Not anymore. Soon to be released, Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook is the first step-by-step guide to the… Read the rest