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Sales Tax Basics for Writers

If you will be selling books either in person or through your website, then the law says you are to collect and pay sales tax, unless you’re lucky enough to live in a state without sales tax. And calculating sales… Read the rest

Hiring Freelancers; Contract Basics

You have chosen an editor, book-cover designer, interior designer, photographer, illustrator, audio book narrator, or other freelance contractor. Now what? How do you spell out your mutual expectations or, to put it in legal language, the terms of engagement? Most… Read the rest

Five Contract Terms Every Writer Should Know

Your words are your creation, your identity, and your currency, and scam artists will try to steal them from you. They’ll hand you a contract and claim “it’s standard. Everyone signs it.” Don’t believe them. Every contract is negotiable, especially… Read the rest

Sell Your Book, Not Your Identity

How exciting! You are about to receive your first royalty check from your local bookstore, CreateSpace, Amazon, Smashwords, IBookstore, anyone. And they ask you for your Social Security Number or SSN. Do you really want to give your SSN away… Read the rest