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Answering Questions About Copyright

I love my readers. Not because they buy my books. I like that. I love my readers because they ask interesting questions. I read your emails, sit back and give an audible hmmmm. Your questions challenge me to take… Read the rest “Answering Questions About Copyright”

Submission Releases Find Their Way into Book World

Suppose you are about to submit a query and sample chapters to an agent. A pop-up window appears requiring you to agree to a bunch of legalese including the following: I will not assert against Agent any claim based upon Read the rest “Submission Releases Find Their Way into Book World”

Using Fiction Techniques For Writing Nonfiction

Long before I wrote the Legal Handbook, I wrote tons of fiction. I have short stories, screenplays, children’s books, and half-finished novels stuffed into drawers, both real and virtual. Since my day job is practicing law (a 95% left-brain activity),… Read the rest “Using Fiction Techniques For Writing Nonfiction”

Goodreads Giveaway: Enter to Win One of Ten Free Copies

Now through July 7, 2014, I will be running a giveaway on Goodreads.  Please sign up. The copies will be signed by yours truly!    … Read the rest “Goodreads Giveaway: Enter to Win One of Ten Free Copies”

Guide to the Legal Issues of Self-Publishing

Congratulations. You have written a book. You have tackled the challenges of voice, pacing, and structure. More kudos to you if you are self-publishing. You are ready to grapple with copyediting, layout, cover art, and ePub. As a self-publisher, you… Read the rest “Guide to the Legal Issues of Self-Publishing”